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Thursday, December 16, 2010

No...not quite

from September 16, 2010

Last night I went to a meeting because I saw poster for the event that piqued my interest.

As is often the case, it was not quite what I was expecting.

I could go on and on about what this was about.  I have mentioned these things in my blog.

The poster had many pictures of the various significant crop circles of the last few years.  I was expecting an overview of the phenomena and a discussion about what the messages contained could mean.

This is not what was presented.  The man who led the discussion talked about the Maitreya, by now you should know he is the most influential FALSE CHRIST of all.  Please do some research on this topic if you have not gone ahead and done so.  I knew there was a serious problem when this presentation started with the cover of "Isis Revealed" by Ms. Blavatsky.  She is one of the most evil women who ever lived; an unabashed Satanist who had a very coherent plan to undermine and infiltrate all faiths with her inverted view of the Divine.

Other people correctly associated with Devil worship were presented, none of the relevant facts about them shown, and all described as people whom had foreseen the age of the Maitreya.  There was a series of pictures that were shown of alleged miraculous events, all attributed to the Maitreya.  Listening carefully the presenter told the group that he is capable of anything and everything.  That makes him God, by most people's collective definition.

Most of what he showed was followed by "the Maitreya did that" and "the Maitreya made that happen."  Most of these were things that might be easily explained away.  There were two pictures depicting things that I am aware of, things that people connected to the events are certain to be proof of God's existence, that this man attributed to the Maitreya.  I could only imagine if the people who were directly connected to those events heard him let the Maitreya take credit for them; they would be outraged.

I found it not surprising that he showed one that I myself predicted, and he was off by one year on its occurrence, that he attributed to this very dangerous charlatan.  According to this man, God, the Master Maitreya, who lives in London is the superior to Master Jesus who lives outside Rome.  It soon became difficult to follow the bizarre things he was asking us to believe.  According to him, crop circles are created by UFO's from our space brothers.  All of which are being directed by the Maitreya.

At one point, when he was showing us some of these recent miraculous events that signaled the presence of this all-being who can travel anywhere at will and be every place at once he showed one I must describe.  There, for everyone to see, was the face of Jesus in the bit off end of a Kit Kat bar.  In the layers of chocolate and wafer was an image exactly like the face in the Shroud of Turin.  This man assured us the Shroud was legitimate and the Maitreya made the exact face appear when someone bit into a Kit Kat bar.  My private reaction was "That is the stupidest shit I have ever heard."

How many people do you think are actually buying into this?

The majority of this meeting was spent watching an excerpt from a speech Benjamin Creme gave this year in Japan.  All of this really feel good, sounds right, rehash of things you might have heard of and would sure want to believe in. 

It was all nothing more than a very pretty-looking, sugar-coated version of Satanism and substitute Jesus.  I know this to be the fact.  Of course, you can make your own decision about all of this, right?

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