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Thursday, December 9, 2010

At the risk of sounding really wimpy

from the blog post of June 22, 2010 

Sometimes I hesitate to write things because people will often take it the wrong way.  Often times, how and when you say something affects people more than what is actually said.  Or should I say, what they heard.

Just now, as I have been pushing against the clock to get some things done to keep from starving, and no else really cares enough to do something about it, and I noticed I still have a pretty deep scar across the front of my left leg.  I received this injury while moving to Marina Harbor in 2006 when someone who wanted to help me hit me hard with a hand trolley.

It was bruised pretty badly at the time and despite limping pretty badly for a few days afterward, I kept "getting it done" there.  Of course, now all of that seems like a really big waste of time and effort.

These days I look back again at where I went wrong, whose advice I could have followed and whose advice I followed to my determent.  Assuming I went ahead with all I promised and predicted on June 30, 2006 I probably should have not come back to California at all in 2008. 

That would put me back about two years; that's where I could have "zigged" and I "zagged."

Oh, well...

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