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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goodbye, MySpace

As someone who has used computers and software for several decades I can tell you that MySpace has all the symptoms of a product that is about to vanish.  It has lost direction, it has succumbed to the competition, and overall it is completely unresponsive to its user base.  Lay your wreath upon it; MySpace is about to become a part of the ash heap of history.

Blogger has really worked well for me, considering my somewhat flaky Internet connection via 3G wireless.  I thought MySpace was the way to go when I started documenting and commenting on my Journey in 2007.  As hindsight is 20-20, I realize I should have moved things over to a site like Blogger over a year ago.

So far the response has been encouraging.  More people in the USA and around the world are reading my material on the new site.  Since no one has commented on those blogs or subscribed I was unsure if there was any response.

Here are some statistics:


Since Late 2007: about 6500 views.  As this information seems hidden on the "new profile" version I am not sure how accurate it is.  Based on this number, and assuming my views and work on the blogs where not included, that works out to about 5.6 views of my blog per day.


Since September of 2010: 2042 views at the moment of writing this.  That works out to about 24.6 views per day.  That figure does not count the Poetry blog which I now keep separate.


As of the writing of this note, I have had 3,333 channel views and 19,288 video views.  Far below what I would have hoped considering how important what I have had to convey is, but not completely disheartening.  Since I uploaded the first video shortly after I started the blogging on MySpace that works out to about 16.6 video views for each day my channel has been active.

Amazingly, with facebook having several times the number of subscribers, their interface is cleaner and performs far better than MySpace's.

Also, I never received any MEANINGFUL HELP from a MySpace friend.  Is it any wonder I am saying "adios?"

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