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Friday, December 10, 2010

How wrong can you be?

posted June 25, 2010

This blog should, if it does achieve it's objective, make it clear how wrong this teeny, tiny world has been.

First cell of the Messiah's dream: spacecraft.

The Messiah saved planet earth from the evil abducting aliens that harassed him, and many others, for so long.
The people of planet earth deny that aliens ever existed, cover up their contacts, are looking to make contact with them, and are often fixated on them as solvers, not antagonists.
God is furious with them for returning after He was forced to eliminate them in The Flood.
The aliens didn't learn from Him or me.

The second cell: coffin in the parlor.

Death is a part of life and I would cheat Death in order to save you and prove myself several times.
People of earth want to cheat death.  Many too many want to live on as "programs."  Good people are being killed and the bad people don't get killed.  You defy God's command and my admonition that the death penalty for murder is essential to being a monotheist.  Dead ideas keep resurfacing and you are not willing to stop them.
You have incited God's anger by not confirming the works of the Holy Spirit, especially those I predicted.  He could have killed everyone in December 2006.  Given the chance to do right by His chosen one you have done nothing.   He will eliminate all of you soon enough.

Cell number three: Black hat above Aladdin's lamp in Persian doorway.

Ruhollah Khomeini and my sister and those like them.
Khomeini should have been eliminated.  Over a million died because of him and too many still consider him holy.  My sister has had a death sentence over her head for well over a decade.  You had your assignments and failed them in this area completely.
I only needed Leora disposed of and you screwed around without taking care of business.  Those who believe and preach the will of God ignored this vitally important message.
God gave you chances and you defied Him.  He has seen you are incapable of following his instructions.
He is prepared to inhale all of you for this immense disregard of His message.

The fourth cell was the unusual creature standing upright on two legs in the white hooded outfit.  

All of the shape shifter people that are in God's and my way.  My Dad, Nicole Scherzinger, Kenji "Japanese shape shifter boy" and many others who have a hunger for attention and live in their own delusion-illusion world.
These are the offspring of the Nephilim and are the most to blame for the decay and destruction of this world.  Why so many of you have not noticed the people whose irises change color and whose teeth change shape as a result of an emotional or physiological response is completely beyond me.  I am left shaking my head at how many of these people throughout history have assumed and seized power from the rest of humanity.  Overall the people who have been at each other's throats have been regaled, glorified, even deified despite their long list of the worst sins imaginable.  God is furious that people as a whole have been unable to recognize me properly and have honored a long list of my enemies.

In 1996, I said you must chose: Red or Blue ball.  I said that God and I wanted Blue and the rest of you must chose Blue.  Here, because of all that has gone wrong and not been accomplished, God and I, and now by default the rest of the world have chose Red ball.

And yet there are still many of you that think it is my job to fix your mistakes and heal you.  

So close, and yet so far away.

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