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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Neo Mahdi Paul connection

from September 22, 2010

I am not writing this post in support of myself.  Anyone who saw or heard me more than fourteen years ago has their own opinion.

In case you only saw the movies I wanted to mention a very interesting number of coincidental characteristics between Neo and Muad'dib.

In the Dune sequel, Paul is a self-realized Savior and Neo is the same thing, but without the opulence.

Neo is blinded in an attack, but is able to still see without eyes.  Paul is blinded and can still see with oracular vision.

Trinity dies according to a vision Neo has and he is unable to save her.  Chani dies giving birth to twins according to a similar vision Paul has and he is unable to save her.

Neo dies in a decidedly crucified pose after losing his beloved.  Paul goes out into the desert because he is compelled to destroy himself after his beloved has died and he has become the very thing he hates.

It seems clear to me that Matrix Revolutions was heavily influenced by Dune Messiah.

Did anyone else notice these striking similarities?

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