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Saturday, December 11, 2010

R.I.P. Hanna Tadmor

offered on Jul 25, 2010 

My Aunt passed away two days ago.

Where do I begin?

My Mother's older sister outlasted my Mother by more than eleven years.  That just doesn't seem right.  My relationship with my Aunt was never really that great, mostly because she treated my Mother badly.  They had such a convoluted relationship I would not even begin to try to straighten that one out.  Was she ever aware her nephew IS MASCHIACH?  If she didn't believe before she certainly does now.  Besides my sibling had "toxified" that relationship years ago.  Do you think it was worth the $10,000 she squeezed out of Aunt and Uncle?

For the folks who love the numerological aspects of my life I can tell you the following:

I had a Hell of a time getting my Bar Mitzvah book from my Dad.  Hanna died three and a half years after that change of possession.

She died one year, five months, and seven days after her husband.

She died ten months and twelve days after Theodore shape-shifter fool of Judah Tobias my Dad.

She was my closest living relative, officially, after Leora RocHELLe Satan Bitch Arielist Khomeini Haman Parasite Tobias.  I would also like to add that since LEORA has traveled back and forth from the Holy Land several times and you have not eliminated her you have brought the wrath of Hashem upon you.  There will be a heavy price to pay for being wrong about the MESSIAH TWICE and not doing the ONE THING that was required this time around.  Maybe you should stop praying to Hashem considering you do NOTHING his Chosen One tells you to do and struggle against Him so much. 

Masada has fallen!

Everyone else that could be considered related, except my cousins, I have already written off.

It's really GREAT begin pissed-off Jesus, second time around.


we are inside seven months of the countdown now...

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