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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Did you click on the link?

blog entry on July 23, 2010

If you had clicked on the link in my earlier post on the Black Pope then you had a lot to read and absorb.  I have read various accounts of how evil forces have undermined the world.  I have seen various groups blamed for being behind it all.  It is obviously difficult to determine who is behind all this evil, who if any one entity controls the others, when they spend so much time eliminating the evidence and being deceptive about it.

One part stuck out very prominently to me:

So, Piux IX was punished.  But the Popes who don’t obey, like, what was it, In God’s Name, the Pope who was murdered after 33 days, when he didn’t go along with the Jesuit Order, they ended his life.
[Editor’s note:  Eric is here referring to the very well researched and deeply insightful 1984 Bantam Books gem (that’s very hard to find, for “some” reason!) by David A. Yallop, called In God’s Name, which details the author’s thorough investigation into the murder of Pope John Paul I the night of September 28-29, 1978 after John Paul had been digging into the massive web of corruption surrounding the Vatican Bank.  For all of you who look for clues, note well the choosing of day 33 since his election for the execution of the murder.]

I distinctly remember that time when Pope John Paul I died soon after his election.  At that time, it was made to sound as though he had an illness he kept secret from everyone and believed his selection to the Pontificate meant God would heal him.  At that time it seemed strange to me.  I know many people's faith causes them to do odd things but the idea that this man would waste the Church's time and money and could be considered selfish and foolish if he got sick and died did not seem logically consistent.

The above scenario, in fact, makes more sense to me.  He was healthy, ethical and responsible.  He would not go along with the evil cabal and wanted them stopped because they had "no business" in the Church.  The above scenario seems much more consistent with the world as I know and see it.

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