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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I cannot make this up...

passed along on August 25, 2010

Apparently I am very good at predicting my own suffering.  I do not need Nicole Scherzinger or her friends to do that for me.  I have just learned that I will not be receiving the expected money in August from the Trust my biological shape-shifter thought he set aside for his "family."  That's because Anne Cruella DeVille Barry has struck again.

This is lifted from an email I just received today:

Yes the lease amendments look as good as we can expect, not all we would have liked.
No, there will not be a distribution in August. Please also keep in mind we have to set money aside in the event we have a vacancy in 2012, that is when Van's lease expires.
I received some tax information from my CPA regarding the 2009 return for the partnership, these are presumably for Leora, Ben and Mimi.
Just for your information I will be out of the country as of September 1st through the 22nd. Hopefully the documents will be signed by then. I can be reached by email or cell phone
Best Wishes,

This witch had the class to mention to me indirectly she felt for my predicament.  But she has her own problems.  Notice she will be "out of the country" for three weeks.  IT looks like sending me MY MONEY could have GOTTEN IN THE WAY of THAT! 

I could have included her email and phone number, but you know, I really am a decent person.

If you were me, would you forgive her?

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