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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The strangest date I had ever been on, up until then

for the blog on June 16, 2010

Near the end of the year in the dog park...

After almost everything that needed to be accomplished had been finished, and I was about to be essentially evicted to protect my patent, it was part of the whole direction of the group conscience that Gloria and I should go on a date.  To get to know each other and see if I could "do it again."  Do it again in this case was conceive a child immaculately in her womb.  Honestly, I did not expect it to happen again.  Of course I know that's weird, but you had to be there.  That whole year was really weird.

No one I knew was going to get jealous of her being with me, but we had to work around Roy, the Basque Separatist Terrorist.  By this time Roy, who also used the name Alex, had seduced Jennifer Ord, Geoff's live-in girlfriend because he thought she was my girlfriend.  At some point he gave her his AK-47.  Guess what he was hoping would happen with that?  Even though I could have turned it in, I decided Geoff should do that.  Geoff could use the good deed on his record.  I'll just leave it at that.

The female disciples and I went to Acapulco, the Mexican restaurant, not the city in Mexico.  We had a good time; I did a lot of the talking and Gloria was her silly, giddy, giggly self.  After that, we arranged another date just the two of us at another restaurant called Koo Koo Roo.

This time it was just the two of us and everyone else who was at this restaurant which was very popular.  We both brought the dogs.  (Lord) Byron, her English Sheepdog and me with Cosimo (de Medici), Geoff's Malamute.  Both dogs, about 100 lbs each, sat quietly under the outdoor table.  No squabbling between them at all.  We spoke about things as if this was all normal.  We both noticed people at Koo Koo Roo who had been at the park often were nearby.  We realized we were being monitored; not much privacy, to put it mildly.  I spoke a lot; she giggled and nodded a lot.  I remember her as happy and nervous at the same time.

At one point Cosimo (de Medici) the Malamute couldn't take it anymore: he was starving and there was too much food around.  He bolted out from under the table, timed the waiter's entrance behind the counter and was about to pounce on a carved turkey just above his head when I caught up to him.  I'll never forget expression on people's faces as this large beast, looking like a well groomed wolf, galloped into the dining area looking for food.  Luckily for all of us, Cosimo obeyed my command and returned to the table quietly.

As we concluded this date in the parking lot, we shook hands only.  If God wanted her to become impregnated again it would happen.  Dog and I got into my Jaguar and headed back home.  As I drove past Gloria, one of the old men from the park seemed to be scanning her hand, the one I had just touched.  He had a device that looked like a portable tape recorder with a tethered wand that resembled a cross between a microphone and a Geiger counter.  I never figured out what that device was that apparently detected my signature.

When I got home, I could tell Geoff was worried about where I had been with the dog for so long.  I had neglected to tell him where I went before I left; the timing was "somewhat" spontaneous.  After I explained what happened, he let me off the hook pretty easily.

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