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Monday, December 6, 2010

You cannot lose something you never had

for May 22, 2010

You were never really free.

The rich families that think they run this world got organized about 400 years ago.

Think about it.

It has all been staged. Create a problem, offer a solution.  It has all been a manufactured Charade.  The people closest to it understand.

The sinking of the Lusitania.
The bombing of Pearl Harbor.

I first heard about the last one over five years before it happened.

Oliver North mentioned Osama bin Laden during the Iran Contra hearings.

Were you paying attention?

Don't you realize how many lies I have to cut through?  How can I do that when you keep covering them up?

Since when were you supposed to believe Messiah was a secret agent proposition?

How many of you actually read the Bible ALL THE WAY THROUGH from "In the beginning" to the part about someone "coming quickly?"  You would have noticed what changed.

Individuals are smart.

People are lazy, ignorant, evil, and stupid.

You don't know how to love me.  Almost none of you even tried.

You would tell me you WANT to clean the pit Kamil put between my shoulder blades because I cannot reach it.

Heal YOU?

What makes you think you have a chance at being one of 144,000?  Are you a virgin? Being "'Like a Virgin" isn't nearly good enough.

They could have been selected from individuals that have passed away a long time ago.  Did that ever cross your mind?

Where have you been since 1996?

Oh, well.  We will see who remains behind in about 9 months.

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