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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Ghost Story

from May 26, 2010

I have been watching Ghost Chasers lately.  It really is fun and have learned a bit more about the paranormal.  If you have been keeping up here you should now have digested I have had enough experiences to fill TWO Testaments. 

Here is one that happened about a year ago...

While I was using what little money I had to maintain the storage space that had most of the stuff I put into the old apartment in Marina Harbor and look for a new place to live I spent a lot of time at the Public Storage Facility on Pico and Sepulveda.

Another man who had his property there had, against the rules, spent the night there.  He and I were talking one morning and he told me the place was haunted.  I was skeptical, as usual, but considering what had been happening the last two years it was not impossible to believe. 

Later that day, I spoke with some people in the office and mentioned something about it indirectly.  One of the women behind the counter readily volunteered, "Oh, yeah.  This place is haunted."  She mentioned that the cameras had picked up activity.  It seemed to me that there was no reason to doubt something was there.

A short time after that, maybe a week, I slept in my space.  Yes, I know, against the rules, but it was not like anyone in my hometown treats me like a king.  Actually treating me like a target would be a more descriptive way of putting it.


As I was trying to fall asleep on my old couch, surrounded by almost all my property, I heard footsteps.  There is no night guard and considering I was aware of who was usually on property and how frequently they visited I was mostly sure this was not someone who had a current account at Public Storage.

The footsteps went past the far length of the hall to the south, heading west.  I heard them turn the corner and head south down the hallway behind my space.  The steps sounded like a pair of boots; solid heels and softer sole at the front.  I was unsure if I heard an additional tapping of a cane.  Then the steps turned twice more and around the corner just a few feet from my space.

As I was lying down on the couch I heard the steps come to a stop just outside the door on the right edge if you were looking out.  For a few moments I heard nothing as whatever was present stood just outside the door to the right.  I thought at it, psychically telling it to leave me alone.  I was really worn out that day and was not in the mood for yet another paranormal experience.

About a minute passed by and the steps resumed.  After three steps, the electric eye was tripped and the fluorescent lights in the hall went on.  I almost jumped off the couch, but there was no room to do so.  I let out a low gasp.  Yeah, I admit it; it startled me.  Eventually the steps went away, the lights turned off again after a few minutes and I tried to sleep.

That is about a three on the scary scale for me.

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