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Thursday, December 9, 2010

God, Inc.

created June 14, 2010

There is a belief among many who know me that there was a board meeting in the Highest Heaven before I was born.   Although there is no proof I can show you, I have attempted to meditate back in time to bring you the most accurate version of this conference.

God: You must be wondering why I have assembled all of you here today.  I am ready to present something I know you have all been waiting for.

Angels: Yes!

Seraphim: Wonderful!

Archangel Raphael: I'm so excited.

God: Here he is: Jesus 2.0

Cherubim: Hooray!

God: You should notice that he looks just like he did last time.

Angels: Of course!

Virtues: To make it easy for everyone to identify him.

God: Yes, but please remember even though his body and soul are the same he will be living in a very different time on the same planet.  I have had to make some enhancements.

Wheels: Naturally.

Principalities: What are these changes?

God: Firstly, he will be born with these marks where he was crucified last time.

Powers: Oh, no. Why?

God: Again, for easy identification.  Notice he has the mole on the right corner of his mouth, the same as last time.

Seraphim: What else is different about our little savior?

God: I have vastly increased his miracle power potential.  He also will not surrender to Death.  He is Omega man, not Alpha man.

Archangel Gabriel : What else is new?

God: He is still the Good Son but he will be expert at table turning.  Also, he is just as stubborn as before.  He can master all kinds of media so he has unlimited resources to interface with.  He is even more resourceful than before.  However, Omega man talks to himself often.  He can use this to his advantage because he will convince people he is crazy, and be mistaken for the other false Son's.

Angels: So he succeeds in the end.

God: Yes. He has Inner Sight; he can easily detect when people's bodies have been inhabited by all forms of divine beings.  He will take advantage of people's greed, ignorance, and other foibles.  I call that employing Stealth Mode.

Wheels: Stealth Mode?

God: He can operate like a policeman or a detective and move about unaware to his enemies.  This allows him to catch them while they are committing crimes.  He is problem solver extraordinaire.

Dominions: Any other features we should be aware of?

God: Patience has been enhanced as has sense of humor.  He will learn lessons from the previous lifetime.

Cherubim: That's very good.

God: He also has this enhancement (God presses area on back of the head of Mini-me. Large white wings pop up out of the back)

Thrones: What's that?

God: Guardian Angel Mode.  He can protect many more individuals and lifeforms less fortunate than himself.  He has the ability to operate on his own for long periods of time.  Guardian Angel mode is self recharging.

Angels: He's like us!

Cherubim: We love Guardian Angel Mode, Lord!

God: I knew you would.

Seraphim: He's perfect!

God: I'm not done.  There are some other things you might want to know about him.

Thrones: Such as?

God: Watch closely. (God waves his hand)

Hosts: Oh!  A black dot just appeared on his cheek.

Archangel Uriel: You put your mark on him, Lord!

Archangel Michael: What does the black dot signify, in addition to the fact yet another one of your promises has come true?

God: The black dot indicates Reaper Mode is active.

Angels: What is Reaper mode?

God: Listen.

Mini me: I AM . . . THE REAPER!!!!!

Thrones: Oh, no.  That's scary!

Angels: Lord, we don't like Reaper Mode.

God: Reaper Mode is necessary.  You will still love him.  You will assist him in Reaper Mode when I tell you to.

Virtues: What?

God: I am in control of Reaper Mode: he cannot reap by himself and defy laws of nature and physics without my acquiescence.  But all scores will be settled, by My hands or his.

Angels: Anything else we should see?

God: One more thing.

Cherubim: His irises changed color!

God: Yes.  Last time that happened after he was Resurrected, as those who understand Scriptures can attest.  Omega man's irises will change before he is fully mature.  This should be more than adequate for all who see him to tell what is going on.  He is equipped with an internal clock that will respond to my hidden instructions at the proper times.  Once I activate Reaper Mode and his irises change color ONCE the clock is ticking and the rest of humanity has but a few short years before their demise.  If they submit to him and follow his instructions, then they will be spared.  If not, then the last transformation.  Have a look.

Powers: Oh!  Look at all those crowns!

God: Lord King of Judgment of Nations Time.  Then you will realize time has run out. Every particle in existence will be called to account.

Archangel Gabriel: I think he looks wonderful.

Archangel Michael: We've heard rumors of other modes.

God: Are you you saying one of you has been spying on my Me during development?

Archangel Michael: Yes.

God: What you are referring to are the contingency modes.  If he is distressed too much after Round One he will go into Ravenous Wolf Mode.  Ravenous Wolf Mode is the lowest form, yet he will still have Lion King of Judah and of Zion as highest self.  I implore you, he need not attain that level.

Cherubim: And the other doomsday scenario?

God: If the rest of Earthly existence fails miserably after Round Two; Necromancer Mode.  Look again.

Angels: Ah!  That's terrible.

Thrones: Indeed.  We thought Reaper Mode was scary.

God: Yes.  Reaper Mode: taking them out.  Necromancer Mode: bringing them back.  He will warn the others of Necromancer Mode before he even gets to Ravenous Wolf Mode.

Archangel Michael: So there should be plenty of time to avert this very worst case scenario?

God: Absolutely.  Broken Heart Super Duper Undead Pissed Off Jesus Second Time Around Necromancer Mode must be averted before Judgment of Nations Time or that could trigger a Universal Reset.

Powers: Then what?

God: Everything ceases to exist.  Only I will remain.  I will decide if and when to start over.

Angels: Can we play with him?

God: No, he is My toy.  You all have plenty of work to do.

Angels: Please!  Before you send him back.

God: No!  If you play with him too much he might slip into the hands of the rebellious ones.

Angels: PLEASE!  We'll take good care of him.

God: (Sigh).

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