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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello, little birdie

for April 22, 2010

For those of you out there who have heard all, or even most, of what I have recorded the past few years, I have spoken quite a bit about birds.  I have told people about my strong connection with them and all of God's creatures.  I have interpreted signs from them.  I have made decisions based on birds appearing at times in particularly significant formations.  Other people, as well, can interpret these signals if they are open to what their message is.

Yesterday, I got home and put my stuff down.  I decided to sit outside and smoke a cigarette (a disgusting habit, I know).  I was looking off to my left and the wind was gusting quite a bit.  A bird, flying from my right, flew into my head.  It did sort of a soft crash landing on my cap that startled me.  It made it safely to the neighbor's roof and after overcoming the shock of it I determined I was okay, the bird appeared okay, and my cap was undamaged. 

It didn't seem to me this little friend was telling me "yes" or "no" to anything I was thinking, and as far as I know not connected to anything in the world at large, and I am not really sure why it lost altitude and collided with me.  The thing I eventually concluded was it was a naturally occurring "slapstick moment." 

So I looked up and said, "That was funny."

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