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Thursday, December 2, 2010

How did he get my number?

for April 27, 2010

If you haven't gone to my web site ( you should so you know a lot about me.  This blog is the most effective means I have of keeping you up to date on me and going over the many important points in my life.  Occasionally, I make some comments about current events that are important for you to be aware of.

This day's blog is about the real Elijah, Columbus Meeker, formerly of 333 Baker Street in Long Beach.  One thing I want you to consider, because even though you might expect that I would know everything, there are still many things I don't know about important events in my own life.

How did Elijah get my number is one of those things I never really got a good answer to.

I was celebrating Passover in 1993 when Columbus was at the door at the moment we traditionally open the door for Elijah.  There is no reason for me to go over that whole scene, because even then I knew we handled it incorrectly.  What I know I did correctly, in order to salvage it all, was give Elijah my business card and implored him to call me.

For years I did not hear from him.  I am not sure, and I obviously don't have the records to check, whether I was living in Hollywood on Martel or on Burton Way near the Beverly Center at the time.  I know it was my "vertical" card.  I might have been using the cards from Martel and writing my Burton Way address on them.

Assume for the moment I was still on Martel.  Elijah called me when I lived on Burnside.  I had moved four times: from Martel to Burton, from Burton to Via Marina, from Via Marina to Canton, from Canton to Burnside in those years.  I do not believe he kept up on the referrals and I do not believe the local phone books were up to date when he called.

Perhaps he did get it from a phone book.  Perhaps he called directory assistance.  I never got a straight answer from him.  As soon as I realized who he was when he called, he hung up.  When I later saw him living on the street he was barely coherent.  He didn't even know who I was when I saw him. 

So I never really figured out how he got my phone number. 

Or how he found me at all.

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