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Monday, December 6, 2010

I know what Muhammad looks like

added May 20, 2010

I know what Muhammad looks like.  I can describe him.  I do not draw him.

How about this: draw Khomeini.  Draw something vile, like that lunatic Khomeini.

Draw the Imam the Parasite.  Draw the evil scum who told people to kill in his name, and stabbed everyone in the back.  Are you afraid to?  You shouldn't be.  Call the bad man the bad man.  Khomeini the evil pervert.  Ruhollah the insane.

What could we have done to make this better?

In 1977, rather than let him escape, ask ME what should be done.  In retrospect, I go back to Europe, or wherever we could hold such an execution, and I decapitate this loser.  Because by now we should all have figured out the greatest sin was attempting to kill ME.

At the very least, I would have probably not have gone to Hawaii in 1978 and been put in the position where I had to survive the Portuguese Man O' War spawn.  That would have been much better.

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