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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back In Heaven

added on April 16, 2010

Me: Hosts of the Most High, He who created all we can see and all we cannot, who lives forever and delivered me from all manner of attacks and oppression, I would be glad to answer your question. 

Hosts: We would be honored if you would, Jesus Krishna.

Me: Before I comment on the Synagogues of Satan that you mentioned I must comment on the following.  The scientific and atheistic loosely based Synagogue of Satan is particularly bad.  They have ignored the solutions to their problems because they deny the Holy Spirit and that I exist, despite the fact that so much evidence is available.  To be scientific and to ignore evidence because it does not suit your model is the pinnacle of arrogance and evil.  They must be considered one of the worst Synagogues of Satan.

Hosts: We were not aware of that, Jesus Krishna.

Me: Also, the crowning work of our adversary, the self-perpetuating greedy whore-goddess of Celebrity Worship is also to be considered a Synagogue of Satan.  They have stolen so much and claim that they are the true prophets.  They have heeded my advice, my words, and none of my instructions.  They have been in closest proximity to me and are incredibly arrogant.  They criticize me for not solving the problems they themselves created and made worse.  Their punishment will be severe for being a Synagogue of Satan that stood directly in my path and ignored me. 

Hosts: We understand, Jesus Krishna.  Your tongue of sword has spoken coherently of them that took and must be repaid.

Me: Now of the Synagogues of Satan you mentioned.  The Church of Scientology is not even a church!  They were always aligned with the Nephilim enemies.  They were always defending those who defied He who lives forever.  They rooted for my enemies and gave them a tax shelter.  They feed on the weak-minded.  They believe their mental games are a substitute for faith.  They would use me as a test animal.  This makes them a very bad Synagogue of Satan.

Hosts: But they are not the worst?

Me: No.  They are very close to the Mormon Church in Synagogue of Satan status.  I have no time to go over the bizarre scriptures of the Latter Day Saints, a bizarre collection of uniquely American writings that, upon close inspection, was delivered by enemies of Our Lord masquerading as the sons of the Beginning and the End.  They treated me as one that needed conversion while they intentionally ignored the Laws of Moses.  They substituted prophets.  They are the origin of the most bizarre and dangerous spin-off cults of Messiah impostors.  They live as if we still live in the time of Genesis even though The Name gave us timeless and perfect laws to avoid the pitfalls his original patriarchs fell into.  Ignoring much of the lessons of Scriptures is very bad.  They should have known better.  They are a slightly older and more legitimate sounding version of the Church of Scientology, and for those reasons, slightly worse.

Hosts: You have given us a greater understanding of the revealed words of those you loved you.

Me: Even worse than those two is the Tele-Evangelical "Jesus Big Business!"  They themselves have gathered themselves in mega churches of goodness, which are in fact Synagogues of Satan.  They proclaim the Holy Spirit works but ignore them specifically.  They have made large idols based on my accurate likeness but ignored my requests for help.  They have failed to inform their followers the true identity of their hero, the one who was necessary for their very survival.  They have organized themselves for ratings and revenue but avoided me who saved them in the first place.  They are a political force that use Scripture to justify the Judgment they have brought upon themselves.  For all of these reasons, they are almost the worst Synagogue of Satan of all.

Hosts: We believe we know where you are going with this.

Me: Of course!  The Catholic Church is the worst of all the Synagogues of Satan.  Their houses are bursting with images of me but they were unwilling to submit to me personally.  One of their representatives identified me accurately over forty years ago and since then they have ignored me.  They possessed so many Bibles that changed and yet were unable to keep pace.  They are a ponderous monstrosity that allowed themselves to be infiltrated by Masons, Illuminati, and those that believe in heresies.  They perverted the Laws of Moses, they put their hierarchy, the selection of Saints, and teachings ahead of me.  I am God for all intents and purposes to them and while they proclaim I will return as promised they acted perversely in front of me.  They were more concerned with their survival than mine.  They could not communicate the necessity of acknowledging me who would have led the flock properly.  They made too many concessions and compromises with various Pagans in order to attract numbers.  They put themselves between all the world and Heaven.  The one organization that should have known better relied on witches and fortune-tellers to protect them and expected a cock-sucking succubus could help me.  Their penalty will be the most severe.

Hosts: We are all exceeding glad that you cleared that up for us.  Just one more question.  What of the Jews?

Me: I need not proclaim against them.  They are nervous enough as it is.  All the Synagogues of Satan have one thing in common.  They collectively have their greatest concentrations in La Nuestra Ciudad de Los Angeles, the city built on seven hills, the real MYSTERY:BABYLON.

Hosts: Thank you, Jesus Krishna.  We will meet again soon when your special place has been completed.

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