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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few things to mention today...

from June 5, 2010

I am a bit overwhelmed with the incredibly bad news streaming in from around the world.  My friends, the ones I still talk to, are all convinced people have been brain-washed and led astray.  Didn't a peace loving, truly authorized by God ruler sound like a much better idea than what we have now? 


Be sure to tell your friends about the great videos I have posted on my YouTube channel:  Unfortunately, the xtranormal site has now become "pay to publish" and I am not sure I am willing to pay for the service.  It was too good to last.   I still have some others I am working on.  While I still have a breath, you will be able to see what your hero must express.

I just bought myself an early birthday present: a full-suspension mountain bike.  My strength and weight have recovered after living off and on out of my car for two years.  I am getting closer to paying off the debts I incurred for trusting people I never should have thought about associating with in the first place.  Not surprisingly, "you know who" won Dancing with the Stars.  ROFLMAO! 


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