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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making it perfectly clear

was for April 28, 2010, the first time

In case anyone checked my web site and noticed I posted the Second Level of Seals you might have noticed an apparent inconsistency.  On the web, as I have in this blog space here, Xtina Gagulera is in the PRIDE slot.  I have spoken of her here as SLOTH.  Why?

Xtina should have learned enough over the years from everyone else's mistakes that she had to DO SOMETHING to help.  But in comparison to Sylvia "La Estupida" Leivers, Xtina cannot be that stupid.  Sylvia, the manager of my old building, ella que no puede decir Villarigosa, is too stupid to stay out of the SLOTH slot.  And therefore, Xtina Gagulera takes the PRIDE slot in the second level.

Does that make sense?

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