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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another "Make it a movie?"

posted on May 1, 2010

Yesterday, I noticed there is a movie in the works about the scandal surrounding Catholic priests.

Can I just say here that I have been mostly celibate for the last fourteen years?  Mostly by choice.  I'm sure you also understand, but I will say it anyway, that I have never touched a child inappropriately, EVER.

I have no tolerance for that, at all.   Had I been granted the authority by my "bride" that God gave to me by birth almost all of that could have been avoided.

The Papacy and the college of cardinals are man-made LEGAL FICTIONS that are unnecessary.  They should be eliminated PERMANENTLY.   If they were waiting FOR ME, the wait could have ended many years ago.

I posted here almost two years ago, and hand delivered to a church near where I lived, my last offer of COMPROMISE with THE CHURCH.

Consider it now that I have WITHDRAWN that offer.  My bride does not want her king.  Too bad you did not make ANY plans to submit to your RULER.  Too late to apologize.

You are on your own!

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