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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Was it me or a little demon

for May 17, 2010

Did I say the 16th?  Did I?

How did I know?  I thought dying on Victoria's Birthday was appropriate but then I said the 16th.  Didn't I?  Or was it a little demon that told me Dio would die on that day?

Was it just a joke?  Do you think it was meant as a joke?

This is something that none of you could have heard about.  If none of your leaders told you about me specifically, this lifetime, then these times of Prophecies of Death have to be a shock.

I have been aware of them since the 1995-1996 Year in the Dog Park.  The whole "words in my mouth, can you tell if they will come to pass," and all of that.

When I had the meeting with Gabriel and so many topics covered we came upon something that really seemed trivial in 2003, that did not make much of a difference to me personally.

I replied to one of his inquiries.  "Oh. . . the wagering."

Gabriel nodded. 

How can I put this?  The most important thing concerning me is that I defeat Death (or cheat Death as I think it makes more sense).  Assassination attempts have been thwarted but that does not really make me happy.  Satisfied, at best.  But somehow in the "big picture" there is also wagering going on.  Supernatural beings are wagering on a vast variety of events and outcomes and they want some inside information.  Most of that does not concern me personally, yet it seems God has enticed some of the worst and most rebellious to wager as a means of "collecting on them."  I know it sounds incredibly bizarre; yet it is a fact.

When Dio, the former lead singer of Black Sabbath and other great acts would die became a Death and Wagering joke on 6/30/2006.  I made a joke about it being on the 14th, and then changing it to the 16th as a way of fooling demons, or something like that.

And sure enough he died on the 16th.  I do not get any satisfaction from that happening the way it did nor do I gloat or condemn him because as some have recently come forward to accuse, "he led so many astray."

What I like to remember is how often I listened to him, especially "The Mob Rules," because he had such an incredible voice.  No one knows for sure what his destiny in the after world is. 

God alone knows what has happened to him.  Some people think he was a really amazing person.  Certainly so many copied him within his genre it speaks volumes about how many admired him.  And more than a few people have heard me sing that song all the way through.

Don't tell me he did so many evil things that he made this world a worse place.  His songs made me happy when no one else alive was doing so.  He winds up being an important person to me, in the final analysis.

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