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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Was this the most egregious part?

posted May 3, 2010

I know some of my posts can be hard to follow.  If you are able to put yourself in my position here, I believe you can comprehend why I have done what I have done when I have done it and why I am so frustrated with how things turned out.

By the beginning of 2006, things were starting to work out well for me.  I felt I was a lot more in control of my life than I had been for a long time.  In the early part of the year, I decided I wanted to move back to the beach, Marina del Rey specifically.  It was interesting for many reasons: especially because I decided to move to a place I had not been to in many years even though I lived down the street from this place a decade before and spent so much time biking and skating there over the years.  The things people told me over the years made sense, but the timing was not right for a long time.  Most importantly, I was not going there to confront Kamil Beale in person, but considering he was hanging out around Palm Court Apartments off and on for about five years, it was about time I got to the bottom of what was going on.  He was following me anyway and since LAPD and the Los Angeles Criminal Court system had not prosecuted him for murder it was time to find the other players in this story.

The first time I visited Marina Harbor I came face to face with his "main squeeze" Neelam Snake Eyes Medusa Head Vashi.  We sat across from each other and had one of those "pregnant pauses" that seemed to last an hour.  Eventually, I decided I would move there and began making plans to do so.  This was in May of 2006.  After I finished the paperwork I realized I was taking a big financial risk moving there but if I could make as much money as I was capable of doing, it should not be a problem.  As I sat in my apartment in the Miracle Mile I prayed for the opportunity to make the money it would take to be independent enough financially to not have to worry about covering the expenses.

Within half an hour of that prayer, a man I knew for several years at the 12 step meeting where I got sober called me up.  He had a major problem with a big project.  It involved routing Internet access on a crab-fishing boat that was being converted to a pleasure craft.  Within about 5 minutes my eyes lit up with dollar signs.  This was the break, the opportunity, the new business niche I needed and the timing was absolutely perfect.  Even though the time was compressed, I agreed to help Scott.  I began working on the solution right away and understood I could pitch him on creating a business partnership that could make both of us "financially independent" to put it mildly.  I could barely believe my prayer was answered as quickly as it had been.

It was going exceedingly well, as soon as Scott stopped resisting my solutions and abandoned the arbitrary way he designed things, and went with my much more sound way of approaching this project.  I have the expertise in the networking area.  He has a lot of experience in the area of working on boats.  As long as we let each other do what we did best it could have been extremely fruitful.

Here is a picture I took of Scott, on the Royal Pelagic, when all the equipment was on the boat.  Just getting all the equipment out of his dining room made his family exceedingly glad.

This photo was taken on June 28, 2006.

I got a phone two days later, which I returned, to Nicole the Curse the Prostitute of New Babylon Scherzinger.  She had a lot of demands.  She had a lot of information about bad things that were about to happen.  She seemed to think that by virtue of making my life miserable she had the right to order me around.  I let her know, in no uncertain terms, she was my enemy and there was no way we would ever marry.  She had failed me for a decade.  No way, no way, no way!

She also told me, which I really could not accept, was that Scott was GREED.  As you might imagine I was beyond furious.  "No way!  I refuse to accept that!" was what I told her.  How is it possible I could literally save this guy and he would rip me off?  Why would she curse such an opportunity, something that was finally "getting launched" just the day before?  Because she knows people are bound to screw me over again and again?  Or is it because SHE IS GREED and so greedy she would want to convince me someone was HAD to take her place? 

This is how I figured all this stuff out about her ahead of time.  So much of this was like "going through the motions" but, as you might imagine I was completely aghast when, as she predicted, he managed to sabotage this project and our relationship.  Go ahead, find those verses in the New Testament where Jesus put himself in great danger for those around him and they resented him for it.  They told him to be quiet and not talk like that.  We would never do that to you, Lord.  You know what I mean.  You would think we would have learned something collectively in 2,000 years.

My life has been an up-to-date modern version of those events. 

Scott should have been grateful, right?  Had he just relinquished some control, trusted me, we could have made our dreams come true.  That does not make him greedy, it makes him pathetic.  It makes him bound to fail because he has a number of diseases, a number of issues, and apparently one of them is fear of success. 

Nicole's attempt to "tell the future" and claim he is GREED, when in fact she is, shows exactly how greedy she is.

And I knew all of that on June 30, 2006.

Here is the link to the document I presented to Small Claims, when Scott refused to pay me a dime for saving his butt on the project:

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