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Saturday, December 4, 2010

For all of you, this was the scariest part.

blogged in place on May 4, 2010

At the conclusion of the "Year in the Dog Park" when I was convinced that the alien threat had been eliminated (but I had spoken a bit too soon) I was asked by this woman, who went by the name Pat, "What did God do with them?"

I answered that only He knew, and there was no way I could tell you for sure if they were permanently eliminated or if He put them "somewhere" where He could decide what happened. 

Pat then asked me, "Can He bring them back if He wants to?"  Of course I replied "Yes, He can."

Perhaps the world should have done what I told you to do, the important parts, since then.  The world has not responded adequately.  Not only have I seen different people attempting to make us just like the worst of our enemies, which proves we learned NOTHING, but you seemed to forget God can bring them back if that is what He chooses.

And so many people out there think this is a GOOD thing?  Even Steven J. Hawking has taken the "No!  Don't do it.  Stop inviting them!" attitude.  At least he and I have that in common.

What do you think is right around the corner?

(Sigh)  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Careful what you ask for! 
You just might get it.
You just might get it.
You just might get it.

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