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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Turakian Bitch with a Bullet!

created May 4, 2010

What did I say?

At last check my interview with Victoria is my fourth most popular video.  It has had more daily views than any of my others.  At this rate, it will be number one within a week.

Of course I know my audience.  Videos where I explain it all hardly get watched.  What did I say in my FIRST video from 2007?

Chasing each others gonads
And making a lot of money

That is all most of this world is interested in.

Victoria once told me I should take a picture of my (insert your favorite slang term here) next to some remote controls.  I would get a lot of dates that way.  I declined because I didn't want to get dates that way.  Most of the offers would come from men, right?

Victoria also boasted her tits were all over the Internet.  I have helped make that true AGAIN.  Views have been recorded in every continent.   And it has only been a few days.

If she is still out there somewhere she will be 32 on the 14th.

Happy Birthday, Vic.

How you like me now?

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