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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The ultimate alien irony

for May 5, 2010
I know there are a lot of cat people out there.  Apparently, they think they are preferable.  As if to say to me, at least I'm not reptilian!

The only "hybrid" that even had a chance was my Dad.  He completely screwed up.  What makes any "hybrid person" think I will give them half a chance?  Where is the logic in that? (by the way, "Kenji! Japanese Shapeshifter Boy is almost ready to be uploaded)

The reptilian hybrids actually have done a better job of doing what I wanted done than the felines.  I would cast my lot with reptilians first, based on performance.

Claiming Feline type of ancestry is superior to Reptilian is like saying being a home-wrecker is better than being a war-monger.

I you were me, wouldn't you prefer being a DRAGON to a LION?

Or am I really the horseman with seven diadems?

Please read book of James Chapter 2, mine.

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