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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why there will be NO PEACE

for May 6, 2010

If you looked at a photo I took of a tile laid in the ground in San Jose, then you know how I feel.  If you want peace, then must work for justice.  If you destroy justice then there cannot be peace.

Trying to kill me a bunch of times and getting away with it is bad.  Murdering my friends and getting away with it is unforgivable.

And now the latest news in the destruction of justice.

I just heard a RUMOR that the guys who held up my landlady at work, with stolen guns no less, were just RELEASED!  I'm sorry.  I thought armed robbery was a crime.  Apparently we are going to let these little shits loose and see what happens?

If I find them anywhere near me they are toast.  I know "you are not to pursue" but when the justice system breaks down completely then self-reliance and self-defense become the rule of law.

Don't you dare preach to me otherwise.  If you cannot do your job on my behalf then I will do it for you.

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