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Friday, October 1, 2010

Get A Job, Jesus Krishna

from the blog post of May 6, 2008

Them: Get a job, Jesus Krishna.

JK:  I am trying to do that.  It is really difficult when you are Jesus Krishna.

Them: You've done it before.  What is your problem, now?

JK:  I am Jesus Krishna now.  I have been Shiva for a long time.  It is different being Jesus Krishna.

Them: We don't care.  You scare us.  We think you are going to kill your sister.

JK:  That was supposed be Durga's job.  I risked my life for her.  Why not let her do her job?

Them:  It is against the law to kill Satan-Bitch-Ariel-Haman-Khomeini.

JK: She has been trying to kill me since I received the Holy Mission from God and He put a black dot on my cheek.

Them: Too bad.  You are still alive.  That means you are OK.

JK: No, I am not OK.  I am exceedingly angry at you.

Them: Why don't you go around healing people?

JK: I have!  But it takes money and energy to do that and no one pays me back for the miracles.  It is really difficult while people deny me and try to kill me.

Them:  You expect payment for miracles?

JK: At least pay me for the save the world ideas I have come up with.

Them:  No, we have an exception.  We can steal your ideas because saving the world is YOUR job for us.

JK: That is totally messed up.  I need some money to at least protect my Holy stuff.  I think you shape-shifting home-wreckers are interbreeding too much.  Why did you put a billion more people on the planet I saved more than ten years ago?

Them: We are too busy covering our own asses to care about what you think.

JK: I cannot easily cover up myself in the old secret identity mode.  Some people hear and see stuff around me.  I cannot control all the divine powers around me that easily.

Them: You used to be able to do that before.  What is your problem now?

JK: Too many people are following me around and spying on me.  It is like being on stage constantly, not getting any credit for it, and people expect me to fly or something.

Them:  We will give you money if you do endorsements for us.

JK: Then I will lose my soul.

Them:  Why does that matter?

JK: The Messiah must maintain his integrity and credibility.  Otherwise people will not believe in me.

Them:  The richest people are cocksuckers.  Why not do that for a while?

JK:  Shove that idea up your ass.

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