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Monday, October 11, 2010

Time To Testify

Composed on August 13, 2008

The Disembodied Voice: What is the enigma of the Messiah?

Me: I was born the Messiah, earned the title, and have accomplished more than anyone ever has while surrounded by the wicked, being photographed, and stalked by evil.  My bride is the Catholic Church and I am Islamic because I submit to God's will.  I have learned from every faith and path.

TDV: What is the Curse?

Me: Her Name is Nicole. She never wanted me; just my things like the car, the staff, the cuff, the lamp, the beads, and property.  She is a cross-addicted, shape-shifting, witch-bitch who has left a slimy trail of death and destruction in her path.  I risked my life for and because of her but she thought this was all about her.

TDV: What about the mysterious tapes?

Me: I know tapes have been made.  People have told me they have heard them but have not told me what they heard.  They think I must be Little Red Riding Hood even though God says Ravenous Wolf.

TDV: Why do people think of you as The Reaper or Death?

Me: Because I led the greatest upset victory in the history of the world, if not the Universe, by eliminating the planet's enemies.  I have been able to give diseases to my enemies.  The world has also treated me like the plague and aimed at me like a firing squad.

TDV: All of this is impossible.

Me: And yet it is true.

TDV: Why not steal a car?

Me: It is against the law.

TDV: Why not commit insurance fraud?

Me: Also, against the law.

TDV: Jump into a strange car?

Me I have been abducted enough for one lifetime.

TDV: Have you ever been implanted?

Me: Yes.  However, Nicole does have me beat there.

TDV: Do we live in a Matrix?

Me: The choice is up to you.

TDV: Did Sadaam Hussein leave a copy of the Qur'an for you?

Me: Yes.  I am Bander.

TDV: What is the greatest sin of all?

Me: Becoming the enemy.

TDV: Why do so many people mock you?

Me: Perhaps mimic is better way of putting it.  In the world we live in they want to expose my weaknesses and deficiencies.  I am still waiting for some help with these obstacles.  My life has been a tragedy, not really a comedy.  No one has lost as much as I have.  Winning should not be losing.

TDV: Why do you have such a bad attitude?

Me: I have lost faith in mankind as a whole.  One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch, but you have to throw the bad apple away for that to be true.

TDV: Why does Nicole dance like Michael Jackson on cars?

Me: She might be a pedophile as well.  Pussycat see, pussycat do.

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