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Saturday, October 23, 2010

What Will My Death Accomplish?

Posted the first time December 13, 2008

I will no longer have to play the equivocating nonsense game with you.

You will finally see me floating above the water, Book of Daniel Chapter 12 as YOU think it should be.  But it will not be.

You will no longer be able to imprison me.

You will no longer be able to steal from me.

You will no longer be able to squeeze the blood out of me.

You will no longer take my semen away.

You will realize the things of mine that you would fight over are meaningless after I am gone and you should have let me have them a long time ago.

You will finally realize what a deadline is.

You can no longer rewrite my story.

You can no longer deny me.

There will be no more clones.

No more Christmas.

No more insults.

No more jokes.

No more movies or songs.

No more illegitimate children.

No more merry-go-round.

I will finally be free.

No more insufferable women to tease me or men to argue with.

No one to heal.

No world to save.

No one can steal the car from me.

I will not have to cope with the fact that you did everything wrong since 1995.

No more disobeying my warnings.

You will finally comprehend why Nicole and her friends ruined everything.

You will witness Kalki 427,000 years ahead of schedule.

Aliens will cease to exist.

Adon Olam will come true.

The final Islamization and Judgment Day.

No one to make me feel guilty.

I will not have to explain it over and over again to everyone.

A great movie becomes a horrible reality.

God will finally have his last Sabbath since the first and ask himself 
"What was I thinking?"

Blame Roger Mahony.

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