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Monday, October 11, 2010


Revealed on August 21, 2008

Things I knew I had to do to prove something to someone, circa 2006 and 2007.

Find her.

Take a picture of whatugonnado.

Explain to someone that shooting at me brought about a death sentence and that killing someone else was wrong.

Find the La De Da lady.

Find the old bag.

Rescue a dog.

Buy a new fag bag.

Find the sad girl from the comic book.

Find Lauren and Burt.

Fall down on the bike path and separate my ribs.

Misplace a lot of things.  Find most of them.

Listen to my neighbors have sex.

Burn a lot of notes.

Buy a chain mail glove.

Find divining rod.

Walk the beach, occasionally pick up trash.

Buy a new notebook computer with Vista.

Play games.

Shred paper on entry and exit.

Burn the candles that made the black crescent.

Save some hair clippings.

Buy some more new clothes.

Dress up like metro-sexual.

Explain the ING thing.

Take part in the LA bike tour.

Command God's Finger in the Sky.

Make the Glowing Beads necklace get them to glow.

Greet Muhammad at the Boat Parade.

Cargo plane from the future.

Wait for Genesis Chapter 6 verse 4 and Chapter 2 verse 24 to change.

Find Victoria's mother.

Find my long lost daughter, her boyfriend whom God made a orphan, and Japanese shape-shifter boy after he came back from the dead.

Explain to them what they should have figured out a long time ago.  They were are all wrong about everything and that I knew more than enough before I saw them.

Fix the lights at the Gazebo.

Attempt to get the brown Stingray even though I had no place for it.

Move my furniture around many times.

Deal with hackers.

Put the monkey statue in the fish tank.

Destroy the futon because too many people were trying to steal it.

Send money to a fraud.

Remember I will not enforce a stupid policy.

Watch for signs in the sky and on the ground.

Get the black hot rod.

Have a ring made.

Buy a very expensive suit.

Have many more visions and dreams that reinforce the things I said.

See more orbs in the sky.

Watch birds fly over my head.

Buy new hats.  Buy some bracelets and a weird statue.

Try to make some money while I did all that.

Find Thomas and a few other people of the street.

Have more visions.

Do an unrehearsed stunt.

Find the merry go round.

Cross paths with Xzibit.

See if Owen Wilson becomes suicidal.

See if Anna Nicole Smith dies.

Wait for James Brown to die.

Hope I get to meet Arthur C. Clarke before he dies.

See my Dad's eyes change color a few times.

Hear my sister tell the most bizarre lies.

Have a house warming where a few people who say I am their friend, but are not mine, not show up.

See my own face in a tree limb outside my window.

Take a lot of digital pictures.

Practice playing a new instrument that squirrels seem to be attracted to.

Make a few more necklaces.

Make some bracelets.

Run the gauntlet.

Pay someone to do Nicole's job because she is too busy.

Have more visions.

Scavenger Hunt.

Find some more evil people.

Fly in the cloud tube.

Go to the General's Place and tell the troops to "keep up the good work."

Buy Coast Guard watch.

Start smoking more cigars.

Make a bed out of a kit and drive about 200 screws home.

Deal with a leaking fish tank.

Move another fish tank from one end of this place to another.

Deal with the issues of semi-demolition.

Buy a patio set.

Buy new skates.

Try not to get killed.

Find friends on the street with no money.

Get insulted by people with money.

Paint a few walls red.

Paint a few glow in the dark spots, and a glowing blue mountain.

Paint a dreamy blue turtle.

Fight against inter-dimensional things that attack.

Fill the screen with photos.

Break my KVM and buy an expensive new one.

Decorate my place with things I find lying around.

Did I miss anything?

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