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Friday, October 8, 2010

Clear It Up, Please

Some of my thoughts from July 24, 2008

I am sure that some of you that have taken a look at my blog are probably wondering if there was a MAJOR inconsistency.

When I said I smashed the rocks and the color of Betelgeuse changed by the following night there must have been some confusion.  Since Betelgeuse is 427 light years away then the change must have taken place 427 years ago and was not caused by my actions on Earth.

I see the logic behind that type of questioning.  You might be able to prove that my actions of smashing the rocks that symbolize the Wench known as the Curse could not have caused that change. 

But, I would then have to counter to you, how did I know exactly when this change would take place and do exactly as God commanded me to symbolize my connection to God and the Universe that I cleaned up for you twelve years ago?  The majority of people, places, and things you take for granted would not exist if not for me.

It is time you gave the honors that belong to me, to me.

That which belongs to Caesar, give unto Caesar.

That which belongs to God, give unto God.

That which belongs to me, give unto me.

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