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Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Beyonce

Finally put to rest on August 17, 2008

I remember having the Vision of the Staircase back in 1996.
This was not easy to do in the dog park, and yet I was able to do it.
There were a few very pretty girls on it.
You were there with a flower in your hair.
Are you mad at me for not dumping Nicole for you back then?
Just because a strange man called you "Bouncy" years ago?
You know that would have been the easy choice, most other guys would have done that.
But I thought she could figure that part out.
Look how well she has repaid me for loyalty.
I cannot believe that things turned out as badly as they did.
You and all your friends have done nothing for me at all, personally.
If you did, EXPLAIN!
A video with Shakira has not paid my bills, Mama.
Do you remember who said, back in 2006:
"I'll be damned if I see another [beep] on your arm"
That's right, it was me.
You are a really beautiful sucker.
You took that one, too.
I find it hard to believe you are on my side.
Even if it is impossible for you to show me enough appreciation for what you have now,
You could have provided at least a bit of a reward.
Have you met Medusa yet?
She told me she likes Z but doesn't like you.
But then again she told me she was from India
Even though I knew she was from Persia since she was about one year old.
Pretty bizarre, huh?
Spare me the apology.
But please do me a favor.
I am sure you do not eat a lot of red meat.
Please cut back on your intake of sushi and sashimi.
The oceans are very, very sick.
There are too many jellyfish
And not enough swordfish, tuna, and salmon
For all of us to eat.
If the oceans get too sick and die off
We all will die.
I hope you understand.

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