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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Diamond Explained: The 8-8-8 Event

Originally posted on August 8, 2008

Okay, bitches.  Just so you know.

I took the necklaces I made for PCD and destroyed them.  Obviously a group of HO's that work for Jimmy Iovine have no part in my life if they are too busy being HO's.  Especially if they care more about chasing diamond rings than the man that saved the world so they could go on tour with the CURSE.  I cannot imagine you actually wanted the blue whales to die but you cannot be forgiven for that type of neglect.  I thought you girls loved Jesus.  

I guess only if he shows up to your shows.  But stay out of Vegas, huh?  I might ruin your fun with my Lyme Disease.

I took the girl's seed bead necklaces, seeded them, put them in a couple of red car rags.  I had folded the corners over into a red diamond, like on a deck of cards.  Y'all gambled and LOST.  I then folded the top over to look like a diamond gem.  I put fuel on it and burned it.  After it burned I struck that mess with my new power staff.  After I put the remains in a trash can I etched two eyes in the dirt to show God and Heaven I was looking back at them.

About three days later the diamond formed in the UK.  Pretty neat trick, huh?  I was inspired by Nicole's gesture with her above the stars in the sky God rearranged the night I commanded it in the sky in a Bally's commercial.  

Fucking brilliant, Nicky.

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