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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Biggie vs. Nicole

This was explained on August 9, 2008

Biggie: Asked me to save the world in 1995.  Asked me for nothing in return.

Nicole: Asked me to save the world in 2006 so she and her friends could go on tour.  Told me to make things and confront people and thought I still would marry her. Asked for a consort and a prenup.

Biggie: Gunned down in 1997, following Tupak's assassination, after I got it done.  Assassin shot me point blank in the back and the ass.

Nicole: Gave me nothing but more pain and wounds.  Did not deliver any of the things she promised.  Had sex with killer and his girlfriend.

Biggie: Everyone knows what happened, but crime is still officially unsolved.

Nicole: Likes meeting and greeting people all over the world.

Biggie: Best friend was Puffy.

Nicole: Sometimes gets Puffy.

Biggie: Wrote many good songs that meant something.

Nicole: Like the rest of the world only focused on "Big Dick Like Kobe."  Made a whole album out of "I Don't Wanna Go."

Biggie: Is a hero in my eyes.  The musical accomplishments are secondary.

Nicole: My worst enemy.

Biggie: Came to see me dressed in costume.

Nicole: Nothing can hold all her dirty laundry.

Biggie: Knew the end was coming, ergo "Ready to Die."

Nicole: Deserves to Die.

Biggie: Unbelievable.

Nicole: Unforgivable.

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