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Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Warned You: Stay Out of the Future

Delivered the first time on August 12, 2008 (here with some minor changes)

A short time after the death of Mr. and Ms. Beale, the time traveler appeared.

This was a clear sign, if you understand these things, that people are NOT supposed to tell me what to do.  I knew there would be unintended consequences to certain actions.  E.T. himself was a warning that things can go horribly wrong in the future if all people thought of me as was "Holy Hitman" but would not part with any material reward for saving this planet.  Just have the Messiah kill things in my sleep again and again and again.  Why do people think it is my job to clean up all of your messes when I did not create them in the first place?  And do it for free?  It is time you stopped dissecting HISTORIC Jesus and listened to SECOND TIME AROUND.

By 1996, I knew my descendant from the future, had to disappear, and I got rid of him.  Same with Hitler and many terrible things (that would even abduct a house cat) that almost caused the end of most of the people, places, and things everyone takes for granted.  That is why I adorn myself with my own type of MEDALS.  

The ones I should have received about a decade ago must have been STOLEN by SOMEONE.

"Make Kim Jung Il disappear?  How much should I bet?"  Fuck off!  You think you get credit for a phone call?  That is the most ludicrous thing anyone could possibly imagine.  Dominic's mother disappeared for a reason.  No one tells me to just make people disappear.  If God wants me or anyone else to disappear then they disappear.  How dare you try to fix me up with someone?  You have been denying me and your friends have been trying to get rid of me for too long.  We need to get rid of you, once and for all.

I said let it ride on Glowing Beads.  You have not even delivered a down payment on that.  I get half a million for my beats?  Where the fuck is that?

I hereby disavow any children of mine.  Except one.  I have never had sexual intercourse with a woman and have it result in a pregnancy.  Any woman who has had my child without my permission has stolen my essence.  Your children will not avail you on your day of reckoning.  Do not attempt to "GUILT ME" into caring about you.  I do not.  You are all thieves.  I will humiliate you for what you have done to me.

I have battled with unseen and mysterious forces for a long time.  People who refuse to believe me and believe in God are of no use to me.  I went to the booby trapped room and survived.  I went through enough trials since June 30, 2006.  I have seen so many wonders in the sky, throughout my life really, but many more since then.  I understand the signs in the wind and from all of God's creatures.  I know what miracles are and what are hoaxes.  But too many people are only concerned with "What about me?"  There is ME and the rest of you.


I don't care if your friends say I am going to kill my sister, I said I could not back in 1996.  Anyone could have done that years ago.  How could you all fail me that miserably?

The planet is out of balance; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  How can I get you to STOP FIGHTING if you refuse to give me the authority and the means to do so?  I am not "Holy Superman."  Too many of you are only concerned with past conflicts and resurrecting them.

The world is now struggling with that.  The powers that be are more concerned with distracting you from what you should be doing and continuing to maintain that power.  The old powers are struggling to maintain that power and the emerging powers are going through growing pains.  Will the forces of PEACE overcome EVERMORE?  Not while too many people are stuck in the past and a few are TOO FAR INTO THE FUTURE.

I need your help.  Wait ten years.  What if it is eleven?  What if I am dead by then?  You will all miss me when I am gone. Sorry.  Don't say forgive me, I've heard it all before.  Don't ask me for one more chance.  Your greed, self-importance and your arrogance; you pissed it all away.  Maybe next lifetime.  Possibly.  You want me to do it?  Maybe you should have done your part years ago. 

I thought Rosemary, ugly version of Imelda Marcos, shape-shifter, SBK was the most disgusting alive.  Obviously, you have had so many chances since about 2001 but you did everything wrong.  I do not give a shit if you are pretty and people like you.  I do not care if you are proficient at "mouth love."  Obviously, your friends, the mysterious them, steered you wrong.  You are a pathological liar and have a hunger for attention.  Something bad is going to happen there?  Yeah.  I waited for someone who is 100% EVIL to give a damn.  You went astray and led others astray.  But you have to love the drama, right about now.

They said you would have a hard time controlling the crowd when exhibiting the video.  Because you forgot to bring ME.  You wanted me to see the vision of Sugar Daddy's death.  I did.  I tried to stop it, but no one would let me.  I hope no one really tries to cast him as my enemy anymore.  I shook hands with him twice.  He and I understand each other: if he had believed and understood what was really going on, he and I would have been good friends.  I respected him before we met.  We understood each other by the end.  I never had any animosity toward him.  None of it was my fault.  It was unnecessary but what happened was inevitable.  We both blame you for that; AT LEAST I DO.  You could not even keep ASIA in line.  One person!  You are completely unqualified to be the leader of anything!  You are nothing but a disgusting sex joke.  Naughty by nature and a freak by choice.  A try sexual.  Your time is over.  I should have killed you the last time I saw you.

There is still time, Britney Spears.  Remember Stephenville.  Accept me as your personal Saviour!  I can explain it to you privately.


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