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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't Cry For Me Planet Earth

First posted on December 4, 2008

Sadly I must report my latest vision.

As you might have figured out everyone has failed me and no one has done a very good job of helping me or showing ME what love is.

Lately, my forays into VisionSpace have been disturbing.  Mostly God is telling me you all lost and He wants me back.

Interestingly, the last one was about as High Resolution as ever.  Even though the Throne on the Water one was, I thought, the Highest Resolution ever this one might have even be higher.  I must be getting better at this.

Throne on the Water, which I had a glimpse of when I was in high school, when I received the Mission from God, and which resulted in the black dot on my cheek (Book of Isaiah) and saw in full after moving to Marina Harbor has the essential Red, Blue, and Yellow sections.

The latest one ended with a single yellow, cutting through the middle, and many reds and blues on each side scattering and taking off away from me.  It reminded me of the songs Igziabeher and Steam (stand back).

The whole world had all these years to figure this out.  Too bad you screwed around for so long.  Oh well, not much I can do about that now.

Just let me die.  You already killed me off, on the inside.  Not a single one of you tried very hard to be my Queen, if that is what you thought you could be. 

So like you women; you would screw up God's plan by talking to me like I am a fool.  Make me face death again and again because you are not worthy.

Go on and save yourselves.  Don't take it out on me.  I am really anxious to see what happens when I die.  You call me your Lord but cannot seem to do better than bow down before inanimate versions of me.

There are a whole series of my biological offspring for you to choose from that I was prevented from nurturing because their mothers had their own agendas.  What makes you think God was not watching all of that all the time?

Just remember the ladies destroyed the world and pretended I did not exist.  Go ahead and keep pretending I do not exist.  What part of "The longer you take, the worse it gets" did you not understand?

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