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Saturday, October 23, 2010

To Shit-Flinger from Rage

posted on November 29, 2008

Hey, beeyotch!  How is the Scrapbook coming?

Let me see since June 30, 2006...

Your Sugar Daddy has not been saved.  You should have plenty of material for that section of the scrapbook.  Since I spoke out at ComicCon, Dr. Dre's son, whom you mentioned more than two years before, has O.D.ed.  Your Kiss of Death just keeps rolling on.  Give my regards to the rest of the "L.B.C." and your other Jesus-Junkie friends.  Tell them they can stop staring now and HELP ME!  Remind them they were supposed to help me out BEFORE I GOT EVICTED! 

How large is the Cyclone Nargis section that your friends knew of more than two years before it happened?  It just amazes me how you just keep looking for more and more rich guys to suck off of.  Ariana Huffington must think your are her Goddess of Spirituality.  Sorry I did not have my gun, which I have never owned, when you surprised me the last time outside the liquor store in the M.D.R.  You are a fucking disaster.  Why not meet my sister again, instead?  That was the ONLY person that was supposed to die since 1996, you HAG!

I have seen some of the pix of you and "baby Barak Obama."  Is he your Baby Love?  Are you gonna Stickwitchim?  Do you think?  Do you think at all?  How did I know you had your eyes on him for years?  What about him?  WHAT ABOUT HIM?

I am sorry I have not killed you yet.  Maybe Gloria, Biggie, Victoria, Sophia, Momma, or Grandma will get you the way that our favorite Austrian just died recently.

You are the biggest mistake of my life.  Seen David Adefeso lately?  Maybe you should steal some of my chicken again, you alien.

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