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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Federation: Set Crystals To Stun

Originally posted on October 5, 2008

It seems there is a great deal of interest in the upcoming October 14, 2008 event.  It seems it has captured the hopes, dreams, and fears of people all over the world.  I have not watched any TV lately so I do not know if there have been any TV reports on it.  Some people think it is something to be ignored.  Some people say anything you see will be an NWO hologram projection. 

This is what I have to say to the skeptics: Year 2000 was not something that brought the world to a halt because so many people worked very hard to prevent it from being a disaster. As someone who has been a part of that industry for a long time there were many bad things that were prevented and still there were plenty of headaches.  The 1996 predicted end of everything was not a non-event because there were believers and fighters all over the world that assisted me.  The 2006 predicted end of everything was also not a non-event because once again I survived and God came through for everybody.  People still are trying to disprove God, which they cannot, but are willing to believe in something in-between us and God.  Oh, well.

For some it would be the first time to have contact with "beings of light."  I have seen beings of light before, it will be interesting to see what will appear.  It will make the world a better place if people stopped fighting, and we decided we really do care about one another.  Maybe if we stopped spreading lies for a week that would be nice, too. If you are able to get any of the porn addicts you know to stop doing any of that for a few days that might be a good thing, too.

What else October 14, 2008 means to me:

The one year anniversary of my eviction, the beginning of what I call Year Zero, and the fires in Malibu and San Diego. 

Full Moon

Mercury about to go direct


and it is 1335 days since February 17, 2005.  (What happened that day?) 

February 17 of this year was memorable, at least for me anyway.

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