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Friday, October 15, 2010

A few other loose ends...

Blogged on September 17, 2008



Trials and Tribulations...check

Dick in a Box...check

Space Olympics (Totally Cancelled)...check

Girl so pretty she made me forget for about a nanosecond how women have been the bane of my existence...check

Girl that looked like she wanted to blow my nose...check

If there are in fact water nymphs...they must die

If the African Aids Queen, a woman who gives people AIDS on purpose is still around...she must die

For all those that think I must be linked to one of the cat people to make are wrong

For all those that think I should wed a woman born under the Chinese sign of the Rooster, even though we are are wrong.

If there is a woman who has stolen my semen and had my child without my permission, and is cat people as well as a hen, then you have bought yourself a death sentence.  You might as well be called a Foster-Zinger.  Minnie Driver; you appear to fit that description.

Ladies and gentlemen.  That is what it is like to be me.  There are a number of ladies who think they can put me on the spot.  Force me to accept a stolen child as my own against my will.  THAT IS BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT.  Maybe if you had lunch or diner with me and asked my permission it might be okay.  Maybe even spent the night with me anytime in the last twelve years.  Show me what love is, not ask permission for something after you have stolen it.  That is what little kids do, not adults.

If you are a woman; imagine a man stole one of your eggs, fertilized it, had someone else incubate it then force you to take care of it.  How would you feel?  Then add the fact you are the Savior.  Accepting that would be like giving everyone license to rape you.  But my life is a story of people going into my apartment or hotel room and taking my things and thinking these thefts are okay.  That I am so starved they can force me to accept them on their terms.  I will not accept that under any circumstances.  Witches that steal semen will pay the ultimate price.

Who is Carla?  ROFLMAO!

Edit: I had earlier posted Mimi Rogers instead of Minnie Driver.  SORRY!  All you show business whores ARE THE SAME TO ME!

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