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Sunday, October 24, 2010

From Gloria to Darlene

Was first posted January 29, 2009

So many girls. You all failed. I have asked you nicely and pleaded with you. You could not follow my instructions, not even call me. How pathetic! No help at all.

How does feel to be a failure? Did you ever consider my side? Did it even cross your mind the world could hang in the balance? Why would you all run away? Everyone should be scared now.

You could have done so much so much sooner. Do not make it sound like I am guilty, it is all of you that are guilty. God has watched all of it go on for 45 years. Of course it is over for all of you. How many chances did you think you would get? Did you ever wonder how I felt about it? How many tomorows do you think there are?

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