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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Almost There

posted February 2, 2009


I went out to the edge of a pier the other night. I had weight strapped to my back. I was ready to take the plunge. There was no one nearby. I could have ended this story once and for all. As I looked at the water I noticed strange light flashing on the waves.

I turned around and saw something unusual. It had been raining the days before but had been clear for several hours. There was a strange cloud formation that was east of my old, old building in the Marina, where I had lived after the MLK earthquake of 1994. There were strange lights within the cloud, not much different from lighting and I heard no thunder. The lights seemed more colorful than lightning and soon after I observed the cloud I believe I saw a blue orb exit the formation.

Compared to other things I have seen in the clouds since June 30, 2006 it was less distinct. I felt confusion over whether I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Was it just distant lighting? Too far for the sound of thunder to reach my ears? Or was it more like a formation that had been recorded in San Francisco recently? Were divine beings caught together in a cloudy cauldron where they were being cleansed, purged and refined? Truthfully, I cannot give you an answer with certainty. But the timing of it gave me pause and I went back to my car to sleep.

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