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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Call It A Comeback

posted back on February 4, 2009

My notebook died recently.  I will not mention manufacturers but this notebook was bought new and on sale.  Operating System discs were not included.  The problems were unreadable boot sector and power difficulties.
After vain attempts to get it running I set it down in the storage space.  It slipped and hit the ground pretty hard.  I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be funny if that solved the power problem?"  I plugged it in today and the power was working.  LOL!

I had made a complete image on an external drive before the power problems occurred and hoped that would solve the hard drive problems.  I began mining my storage space for anything that might help.  I found a disc I had burned awhile back: Longhorn Beta.

The Repair Disk option was available when I booted the LBCD and after about half an hour the hard drive was up and running.  I did reformat the drive before restoring.
Phew!  A new lease on computing.  Where would I be without this thing?  Begging, probably.

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