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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Curious Case of Melinda London

posted on February 7, 2009


Melinda London is a HinJew devotee of AMMA.  However, I was referred to her by my evil sister.  The unbalance here is apparent.

Melinda is a masseuse.  On June 30th, 2006 Nicole the biggest mistake of my life Scherzinger accused me of receiving a "happy ending" when Melinda massaged me the first time.  It was none of the Basketball Player Junkie's business what I did but I did tell her on the phone the truth: Melinda got the happy ending.  She rubbed herself off on my tail bone that day.  Proving once again, women will use and abuse me every chance they get.

Later on I went back to Melinda, after I received the Glowing Beads.  We spoke as she rubbed my body and she advised me in a trance-like state.  However, as I left her place of business, she showed her ignorance because she thought my sister was aware of the things I am aware of.  I informed her my sister's attitude is "This isn't happening!" Expressing my sister's anger in this manner caused Melinda to hop on one foot.

After being rejected and humiliated by Los Angeles, and the rest of the world, I left Melinda a message from Arizona informing her I felt she "owed me something."  Many months later, I attempted to talk to her again.  She does not want to talk.  I went to her door the other day.  I told her I wanted to talk and that I owed her something and she owed me something.  She told me she did not want to talk and all she does is give massages.  In so many words she told me to go away and there was a reason she has been avoiding me.

CONCLUSION: Melinda London is a Devi and not a Gopi.  She is a user and no help to me whatsoever.  A real Gopi would trust Jesus Krishna not tell him she does not trust him.

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