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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Make a Change

posted on February 11, 2009

This first rewrite of Scripture removed ownership of Gaza. 
I have been the real owner of Gaza for about 30 years. 
People have offered me alternatives because you do not trust each other. 
How many have suffered and died over my property? 
You offered me islands, hilltops, and retreats but did not deliver them. 
You played charades and hide-and-seek with my keys. 
All these deals are now null and void. 
I still offer myself as the solution in Gaza.  A place that will not permit fighting and works only for the word of God.  A place where we teach peaceful coexistence and brotherhood.  A place for freedom of the soul.  A place that rejects the notion that people need to out populate each other in baby wars. 
I believe that is the best solution for all. 
God told you this when I was a teenager.   
Are you willing to listen to me now?

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