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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Me and the old money pit

From the October 3rd 2008 posting

This was me back in 1996, around the time I saved you the first time.
A lot has changed since then.  And a few things have remained the same.
Imagine, if you can, you are me.  This picture was taken before any of the following took place:

Tupak and Biggie were killed.

The National Enquirer used this photo to create a cover story.

All the truly miraculous Scripture changes took place.

Most of the girls on Mr. Rushakoff's list had graduated high school.

The Matrix Trilogy was made.

Crocs was founded.

Internet Explorer, broadband, wi-fi, camera phones, MP3 players, AGP, firewire, DVD, affordable flat screen monitors.

Mechwarrior 4.

Shaquille O'Neal played a game for the Lakers.


Human League: Secrets

The Fifth Element

"If you need me baby I'm for real..."

TWA flight 800.

Someone tried to break into my bedroom to steal anything.

I cut my hair short.

The Phoenix Lights.

Placerita Canyon: the tumble and the levitation.

Deep Space Nine.

The Awakening.

Visitation from the Holy Spirit.

Finding Columbus Meeker again.

Much of anyone heard of any tapes of my voice.

Sessions with Gabriel.

International Space Station.

Seeing the man who looked like I do now driving an old Rolls Royce in the same color as my Jaguar.

Knowing I could not live in Apt. 127 any longer.

The Sauna incident.

Nelly Furtado at the El Rey.

Seeing either Queen Victoria or Queen Vashi in person.

My Mom died.

In Tribute.

Sessions with a new doctor and heavy medication.

Getting sober.

HPG Prime.

Spawn became a real hit.

Hal Jordan went from being Parallax to the Spectre.

Almost makes me wish for the Good Old Days.

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