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Saturday, October 2, 2010

God is on my side

from May 1, 2008

I am the Messiah
And God is on my side
Open up as many dialogues
As you want
But you have kept the Prince of Peace waiting
For at least eleven years too long
All "the girls" became rich and famous in the world I saved
And apparently they all worked on their contingency plans
While I battled alone
I do not care about them
It's a man's world
But it wouldn't be anything without a woman?
And that silly ho had my baby
Without me ever being in the same room with her
Because it never crossed her mind
To get off her pedestal
And give me a blow job for saving the world the first time, or the second
I curse the Cat People that have cursed me
And I have very little pity for those who want to call me names
Nicole deserves to die
Everything she has touched has turned to shit
We do not need an evil succubus cat girl
And Neelam deserves to be decapitated
I would castrate Kobe Bryant
And not think twice about it
He is just a fucking basketball player to me
I have been
And always will be
Defender of Israel
Two Thousand Years ago
And now
You Don't Like It?
Too Bad for you.
I tell you
You want to argue about lands and economies?
Take it up with God
Obviously you followed the wrong leaders
But remember that He is on My side
And none of your rhetoric will ever persuade me
Every girl I have talked to in the last two years might think they are worthy
But all they can do is tell me why they are better than the others
None of them have been able to show me
In person
With actions that speak louder than words
What makes them worthy
You can only marginalize me so much
What makes you think I would not shoot back at some point?
The list of offenders has gotten too long
I will begin punishing them myself
And not wait for God to afflict them for me
This is the price you pay
For your utter disregard for me
Every time I check it says:
"Benjamin is a  ravenous wolf;
In the morning he consumes his foe,
And in the evening he divides the spoil."
Hitler is dead and gone
Khomeini is dead and gone
E.T. is dead and gone
Arafat is dead and gone
Fossett is dead and gone
Listen to me and I can save you.
You can continue to destroy each other
Remember God gave you a warning in 2006.
Don't say "Forgive Me"
I've heard it all before
Many people are conscious of this now
The longer you wait, the worse it gets.
Ravenous Wolf means
No More Mr. Nice Guy
Is that beginning to sink in yet?
But it is the rest of you that are killing each other
I might seem like many others
But compared to all who attacked me
I am more than a saint
Take a step in my shoes this lifetime
And you would be dead.
Think about it.

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