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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Posted with all sincerity on May 11, 2008

I went to the cemetery today
Because it is Mother's Day.
I did not bring flowers because
I knew there would be some there.
The cemetery provides them on days like today.
But God provided flowers.
There were daisies on my Mother's and Grandmother's graves.
I had seen them before, on my Grandmother's grave
The last time I was there.
This time my Mother had them as well.
About the place her heart and her right hand would be.
I thank God for this holy sign of her blessed memory.
I placed my Sledgehammer on my Mother's grave.
She is the woman of valor every woman should emulate.
She was decorated when the modern state of Israel came into being.
99 men and my Mother.
Her mother was a Maccabee.
All Abrahamic people pay homage to the Maccabees!
Jesus would not have been sent to you
If not for the Maccabees!
And who knows if Muhammad could have existed
If not for the Maccabees.
I would not have been sent to you
If not for the Maccabees!
The modern state of Israel is not a catastrophe.
Khomeini was a catastrophe.
Arafat was a catastrophe.
I am not a catastrophe.
And I looked at her headstone because I had agreed
with my evil sister
who is non-different from Khomeini
and my slimy, shape-shifting, fangs under his caps father
that her headstone would read;
"You will always be our hero."
I waited all day.
Neither of them showed up.
And I pledged to her on behalf of all that is good and holy
That I would see to it
That my sister and my Dad died
As she reminded me they would have to
When the time was right.
We have passed that deadline.
I will see to it they are killed.
My Dad is the most despicable and disgusting man to ever live.
Not only does he not understand his son is the Messiah
He does not believe in God.
He must have been stuffing his face someplace
Instead of honoring his mother and
His wife, the mother of the Messiah.
Sixty years after her valor made Israel
Safe for Jews, Christians, and Muslims
If they could only get along.
My sister, who is non-different than Khomeini
Had left another of her completely disingenuous rocks with a red heart on it.
With the point at my mother's head
Because that parasite still gloats over the fact
She sucked the life out of the real hero
Both literally and figuratively.
Of course, I smashed this rock with my sledgehammer.
And swore I would see to it this Satan would die.
I hope the City of Angels
Will look the other way
If I have to kill her myself.
The same way it has looked the other way since Chris Wallace's murder and my getting shot
Three times in the back and the ass.
Unless the United States wants to be destroyed for their
Complete indifference to God's Chosen One.
Even the Mormon's got their chance at me
And Salt Lake City shook
After I left their farcical exercise.
What do you want from me, America?
What have you not taken from me yet?
Must I assume control of Gaza in order to get peace accomplished?
I am willing to do so, if that is what it takes.
All Hamas need do is amend their charter to pledge for the defense of the Zionist entity
And it can fall into place as easy as other peaceful resolutions.
Are you brave enough for that?
I am.

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