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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Jesus Moth

from August 28, 2008

Hey Everybody!

I just wanted to let you know I saw the Jesus Moth.

Remember back in 1996 when I saved you the first time?  You know! 
From MOTHER F*CKING CYBER HITLER WHO WAS LIVING IN ARGENTINA and the space aliens and killing my descendant from the future who was in Chicago (you know him as E.T.) and telling you that the CANCER OF KHOMEINI needed to be stopped and that my sister was the same thing and she needed to die and someone stole a towel with some of my seed that they apparently used to impregnate Jodie Foster AKA the Anti Christ before there were  lot of changes in the book called THE BIBLE?

Back then I was listening to Soundgarden Superunknown a lot.

I was told to look out for a group called Audioslave.  That they would be writing a lot of really important songs I might want to hear.  I like Audioslave a lot and Nine Inch Nails, too.  You might want to check out P.O.D.  I was told I had to wait for ten years for something back then.  I never got it from any of the little girls who tell other people they love me or worship me or something like that,

I want to wish a speedy recovery to the Dalai Lama.  He has been avoiding the Chinese who hate him, reminding people we all live on one very interconnected planet, fielding questions from many people that for some reason doubt he is tolerant of other faiths and paths, and trying to keep up with what all his celebutard friends are up to.  Yes, you read that right.  I think all the rich and famous folks out there that follow him around but have not done a thing for me personally, but prefer to make a lot of loosely based movies and not-so-loosely based albums, while people have been trying to kill me for saving you are a bunch of celebutards.

Here are the Audioslave music beads from REVELATIONS:

You know what to do, you know what I did
Since you know everything just clue me in
I am such a wreck, I am such a mess
I know what I know, why don't you fill in the rest?
I will bring you down, I will make it bad
While you're feelin' proud, why don't you help me?
Such a shame that I wouldn't know by now
Your revelations
Cut me in, I don't wanna live without
Your revelations, revelations

You know what to say, you know what I said
You know what I dream sleeping in my bed
You hold all the keys, you know all the roads
Why don't you guide me in, if I'm such a lost soul?
I'm spinnin' 'round, I will make you ill
Since I'm so broken down, why don't you fix me?

Well they don't hate you, you know they love you
But they're gonna come kill you
They don't mean you any harm
It's just what they do
Could be your mother
Could be your father
Or your best friend in the world
But just like blood and rain, love and pain are one and the same (One and the same)
Just like blood and rain, love and pain are one and the same (One and the same)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

You wear a mask with a target
Keep your enemies closer
You fall in love from a great height, now the easy part's over
Choose your battles, not your soldiers
You're never sure of their colors

In the here and the now I'll wait down among the young and the old
With the moon and the ground I play with my children in my home
This is for the daughters and sons of forgotten ones learning how to stand
This is for the innocent unknowns buried in the sand

All running from a sound of a gun
Running from the sound of a gun 'til you're weary
Running from the sound of a gun
Running from the sound of a gun

What do you feel before you think?
What do you see before you blink?
Who do you battle in your dreams?
Who strokes your feathers 'til you scream?

And when I'm tired of feeling black
Spread the wings upon your back
Take us high above it all
And stroke your feathers 'til we fall
Until we fall, until we fall back down again
Yeah, back down again

Golden soldiers born much older than they'll ever live to be
Diving into a sea of hands in a long forgotten city
Here the rain falls ever after
The swinging vines hang dead in rafters
Blood rush to your head induces laughter endlessly

The original fire has died and gone
But the riot inside moves on
The original fire has died and long gone
But the riot inside moves on

Can't explain that it was somethin' to see
Can't contain so somethin' ever real
Ever real

Now the snow falls down like it's fallin' on an ocean
Dead and empty by the railroad tracks where they used to go and come
Now they don't come back
You can heal the rust, goin' up the throughways
Down the alleys where they stole this town from the frontier
I can see 'em tryin' to steal it back

Wake up, look around just before your feet hit the ground
Where they make the oil and street, is where you stand and where you sleep
Black and whites along the lights, plain clothes and Miranda Rights
At the right place but in the wrong life, somedays just ain't so easy
Somedays, somedays, somedays (Somedays) just ain't so easy
Somedays, somedays, somedays (Somedays), somedays (Somedays)
Just ain't so easy

It's not the fault of anyone as we revolve around the sun
We sleep beneath the same sky but we all see it through different eyes
So if you go or if you stay, standin' still or if you walk away
If you bend or if you break somedays just ain't so easy

Breakdown in the shape of things to come
But I'm moving on like a soldier.
And I say now when all is said and done:
It's not ours to break, the shape of things to come.

There's a crack in the clouds, but only for a moment now
Like an owl looking out, the blue sky spies the roads we will go down.
I wonder what they hold for us? I hold my family to my breast,
I feel the worst and hope the best will come to see us blessed.

When I was 18 I didn't know pain when the sun was high
Burnt face, shadow's erased and I knew I'd be alright
Left that behind me, uh-huh
Somethin' blinded me, uh-huh
You're reminding me, uh-huh
Of a better space and time, miles away

You can a look a hurricane right in the eye.
1200 people dead or left to die.
Follow the leaders, were it an eye for an eye we'd all be blind.
Deaf or murdered, and this I'm sure in this uncertain time.
So come pull the sheet over my eyes
So I can sleep tonight
Despite what I've seen today.
I found you guilty of a crime, of sleeping at a time
When you should have been wide awake.
Down on the road the world is floating by.
The poor and undefended left behind.
While you're somewhere trading lives for oil,
As if the whole world were blind, hey.

I killed myself, threw away my mental health but nobody was blinking an eye
Backyard, basement, falling on the pavement
Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye
Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye

It's true I ran away before but be sure
I am no tail-chaser
I know a good thing when it throws me a bone
I'm your best friend forever

I've been chased by a rain cloud
I was lost and nearly drowned and kicked around
But now I'm found and I won't run away
I love the heat I love the things that I forgot
I love the strings that tie me down and cut me off
I was a king, I was a moth with painted wings made of cloth
When did the flame burn so high and get so hot?
Oh, oh
I don't fly around your fire anymore
I don't fly around your fire anymore
Burnin', fallin' down so many times before
I don't fly around, fly around
Fly around

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