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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Letter I Wrote To Some "Friends"

This is a very important part of the story to place in the chronology June 5, 2008

Dear Jordan, Christina, and Max,

I guess the blow job is out of the question now.


I want to congratulate you on your little miracle. I got bit by Satan's tick and eventually got my car back. I guess that's fair. Sorry I grew weary of the assassination attempts, people trying to cover me up, and thinking someone would approach me directly and talk terms.


I hope things are going well for the three of you. Have you spoken to Britney lately? I hope she is well. What a strange trip the last 21 months have been. I thank God I am still alive and the world is heading in the right direction. As for myself, I am not so sure. I growl a lot and find inner peace as elusive as ever. I try to remind myself this is not Pussycat Home World but I stare at people's eyes a lot now. No one would buy this Soap Opera if you pitched it three years ago. Everything changed for me too since F.I.T.S. Also, by the time Blue eyes became Charcoal eyes my world came crashing down hard. That was the time to call off the Charades, if I may be so bold as to make a criticism. I will not fit back into the box anymore. Too much water under the bridge. And time spent with my eyes closed seems to send me further into the future. Will anyone catch up to me now?

No wonder people think I am crazy. Was there something I overlooked? I believe it was my requests that got pushed aside, even though my predictions came true. Did someone miss their mark? I do not get into strange cars I did not order, in case I did not make that clear on June 30, 2006. As you might understand by now my reputation and my integrity must stay intact. They are the most priceless assets I have ever owned.

Obviously, I am most disappointed in Girl in the Hoodie. TB is in the same position. I guess predicting myself going crazy might not have been in my best interest but I am sure you now understand why. Hungry and Angry? You bet! But I believe you know where I am coming from.

Please accept this stuffed animal in the good way that it is intended.


Uncle Felix

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