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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Little Pony

From June 16, 2008

I know that many of you are attempting to finally catch up to me, and what all this means now.

I would like to share the following dream I had while I was still living in the place where I commanded God's Finger in the Sky, saw Muhammad face to face, and received Glowing Beads.  I call this dream the My Little Pony.

At the beginning of this dream I am walking in dreamland, a place that is surrounded in cloud.  I begin to get tired walking around and then a pony is placed before me.  I start to ride this pony.  Although it seems a little small for me to ride it gets me where I need to go and I appreciate the fact I do not have to walk. 

I ride the pony to different places in what I can best describe as an Old American West town.  There are no hitching posts around.  I keep asking people I encounter if I can keep the pony at different places to keep it safe.  Everyone I speak to turns me down.  At the end of the dream I return to a place I asked someone to help me at the beginning of the dream.  The second time I am there one of the rude men's appearances has changed: his head has become a mirror and I see myself as I am yelling at him.  My face is unshaven and my hair is ragged.  I am angry that the man sitting near the mirror face man is rude and interrupts me and refuses to listen to my reasonable request.


I am myself in this dream.  The pony represents my sister who was placed in our house before me.  She had asked my mother for a pony when she was pregnant with me.  This is a joke that we would often kid each other about when we were younger.  In this dream I make her the pony.

I am not looking to get hitched, as in married, to my sister.  I am in a kindly, not to face the ugly reality of it way, expressing the concept that although my sister has accompanied me on many travels, there is really is no place for her anywhere.  Nor is there place for anyone who was born the same day in 1960 that she was.  But people were just going to refuse the fact that she had to be "put out of my misery" in order for my life to move on.  It is ironic that people in different parts of the country have been able to take shots at me but apparently anyone that has attempted to kill my sister for me has failed miserably.  Knowing this was going to happen is part of what has made the Ravenous Wolf so immensely mad at everyone else.  I even testified before the Archangel Gabriel as to WHY she had to die years before.  I made a deal to have someone else do this for me but apparently people are getting in the way of God's Command since 1996.

But not to be too depressed about it.  The Iranians still venerate the most famous example of this evil and celebrate the day I prayed him to death.  You have to wonder why the people elected one of his cronies, Mahmoud Amadinejad to be their president.  I give Mahmoud credit for working very hard the last 24 months to make friends with his neighbors as he travels.  It is time you stopped saying bad things about Israel.

Nicole is not the pony.  Everyone else had taken a ride on Nicole, I will not.

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