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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nicole the stupid evil spirit Scherzinger

Posted December 20, 2008

On June 30, 2006 Nicole told me that [name withheld] says "You are going to throw yourself off a pier.  Ben, what pier are you going to throw yourself off of?"

After all the assassination attempts, and miracles I predicted coming true, how about I throw her off a pier after I put two bullets in her head?  Or do you like the head shot, roadkill, feed to chupacabras, volcano, and Portuguese Man of War scenario?

I could use some help, folks.  I might as well throw myself off a pier the way the rest of the world has responded so slowly.  There is a pier nearby...

Her friends also said I would kill my sister.  That was never in the Plan.  They could not even get a trial together for the murder of Chris Wallace (Biggie Smalls). Her friends are inept, ridiculous, hypocritical and dare I say it, evil.

Help me remove this curse already.  Puffy is an alien.

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